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Heeeey! Thanks for checking out my little blog. Here are a few things about me:

  • No, Clementine Baskerville is obviously not my real name. I know, I’m disappointed too. But I’ve always loved the name Clementine, and I grew up reading Arthur Conan Doyle – so there ya go.
  • I live somewhere between the equator and the Antarctic Circle.
  • My first food love was anything my grandma made.
  • I love eating: Italian (no pasta = no life), Japanese, corn & black pepper crepes, mangoes, red bean toast, etc., etc.
  • Sweet or savoury? A couple years ago, when I first started really getting into baking, I would’ve said sweet for sure. Now that I’m trying to up my cooking game alongside baking – both, in equal measure.
  • When I grow up I want to be confident (quietly confident is okay), a dog-owner and traveller.
  • ✞ =

Up your stalker game:

I started this blog, after a few failed and uncommitted attempts, primarily to share my adventures as a home baker with a sweet tooth. I’m not an expert, just a self-taught amateur making sure my family and friends (and myself) are satisfying their daily recommended dose of sugar.

The recipe sources, if unspecified, are usually an amalgamation of many that I’ve experimented with and modified to my taste over the years. As said, I’m no professional pastry chef but the majority of the time I do go to great lengths to research the most authentic, failproof ways of doing things. If something does fail (and it does all the time) I’ll share and invite you to laugh with me; if something turns out equal to or better than my expectations then this blog is perfect for me to document it.

Apart from building a recipe wheeldex, my aim for this blog is to know myself better through practicing to express my honest feelings through writing. The simple truth is that my social skills are abysmal and way subpar for everyday interactions let alone my career, so it’s the first of steps to assuming an identity I can be comfortable with even when I’m uncomfortable.

I hope you do enjoy your visit. Any suggestions, constructive or destructive criticism, encouragement, objections, queries and friend requests are more than welcome and received with utmost gratitude in the comments っ˘ڡ˘ς


Give me your honest opinion. I can stand it. Maybe.

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