banana chocolate chip loaf cake

Uni finally re-starts after an almost painfully long hiatus, and ironically I am not ready. In just one month’s time we’re supposed to be seeing real, breathing, feeling human patients for the first time after poking in the mouths of plastic manikins for the past two years. There’s so much we haven’t learnt… clinic etiquette, local anaesthesia administration, taking x-rays and impressions, not to mention I desperately need to brush up on the masses of knowledge that I’ve let go of *sigh*.

Although I don’t expect schoolwork to become so intense to the point I need to give up baking, at least for a little while anyway, I also need to stick to the promise that I’m gonna devote more time and effort to my studies (and God, and friends and family). So as a rough estimate, my postings are probably going to reduce to one per week. Wish me luck! I’m really hoping for a progression in my attitude from the previous semesters, as I know third year is no easy demon to slay; and that tears, sweat and blood will be shed.



For this humble and comforting loaf cake, I took my original brown butter banana cake and glammed it up with some chocolate chips in the batter, with almond flakes on top (also drizzled with chocolate but forgot to take a picture). I also altered the method to beating the eggs to ribbon stage first, emulsifying with the cooled browned butter then adding in the rest of the dry and wet ingredients alternately. I think it makes for a fluffier cake and more tender crumb – already looking forward to toasting a slice or two for breakfast tomorrow!


Give me your honest opinion. I can stand it. Maybe.

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