multigrain-ish sandwich milk bread



Why is it that despite all that rage about ‘healthier’ whole wheat breads, that we can still never resist a thick, slightly toasted slice of white fluffy bread? Is it that it complements just about every condiment there is so well? Or is it that its perfect whiteness inspires purity of heart which we pursue so much but acknowledge the near impossibility of? In any case, wouldn’t it be nice to have something that weighs less on our conscience health-wise but still tastes delicious?




That is the precise reason I decided to add a little colour, as well as flavour to your standard breakfast toast. And not just any toast, one that is heavy in dairy in the form of both milk and heavy cream, and without a doubt surpasses a supermarket brand, bland and sodium heavy white bread in texture, taste and nutritional value.

The multigrain powder I’m using here is made up of 10 different grains, and lends quite a distinctive fragrance when added to recipes, so I held back a little on it. That is to say, feel free to change around the white bread flour to multigrain ratio to personal preference.

One of these days I will perfect or come close to perfecting a recipe for the fluffiest, softest and melt-in-your-mouth white bread (which I think my sister and I came pretty close to last night), but for now, I’d gladly spread this bread generously with peanut butter.


Multigrain-ish milk bread (makes one 450g loaf)

200g bread flour
50g multigrain flour
7g sugar
1 tsp active dry yeast
80g milk
70g cream
18g egg whites
5g butter

20g egg whites
35g sugar
3g salt
1/4 tsp active dry yeast
15g milk powder (or almond powder)

5g butter

Take the first lot of ingredients and mix them till combined into a smooth dough, then cover and proof for up to 3 hours until doubled in size. Then add to it the second lot of ingredients and knead for 10-15 minutes until elastic and smooth, followed by the last bit of butter. Mix the butter in until the dough is moist and soft but comes off the mixing bowl. Cover and rest the dough for 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into 2 equal portions, and roll each our into a thin square sheet. Fold the left and right 1/3 onto the middle so you have a rectangle. Roll the rectangle longitudinally to slightly flatten it, then roll it up with your fingers like a swiss roll, and place it seam down, swirly open side facing the long side of the loaf tin.

Cover the tin and proof again until the dough rises above the 3/4 mark, and bake at 175C/347F for about 30 minutes, or golden and hollow-sounding when tapped. Remove from tin when cooled enough to handle and cool for a further 20 minutes before slicing.


Give me your honest opinion. I can stand it. Maybe.

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