baguette farine


You know when you root for something so hard and then in the end it would’ve succeeded if not for one seemingly small but critical mistake? That something is me today. There I was, setting heaps of time for myself, literally watching dough rise, rolling, shaping, baking; only to realise halfway during baking that oh crap, I forgot to let the dough proof one last time. See, being the amateur of amateurs that I am, I consulted half a dozen bread making books in the hopes of making my own crusty French bread. I followed the recipe to the letter, trying hard to match the pictures, trying real hard to not take any shortcuts, and it still didn’t go entirely to plan.

Oh well.

I had another job interview today, and another one on Monday. Little makes me more diffident than putting my incoherent speech on display, no matter the language. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and act confident enough to pass, until I can learn to carry myself in a way that’s at least reflective of my true personality.


Other than not letting the dough rise properly before baking, I also didn’t slash the tops efficiently enough so it only turned out to be more of a shallow scoring.


Better luck next time?


Give me your honest opinion. I can stand it. Maybe.

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