mango mousse cake



As promised days ago – the baby sister’s birthday cake. One can hardly go wrong making sweets for my sister, as she is both easily pleased with regards to food, as well as being the official #1 fan of mangoes. In fact, the year before she didn’t want cake, a giant plate of mangoes with a candle stuck on it was her dream come true.

I don’t feel like I should post the recipe though. I wasn’t completely happy with the lack of texture or the fact that it was melting all over the place as soon as it came out of the freezer. I guess that’s the inherent property of mousse cakes – not much variety in texture, just creaminess all round. At least the birthday girl was happy.

(Just for record, it consisted of a sponge base brushed with passion fruit syrup, passion fruit curd, mango mousse and cream cheese mousse with mango bits.)


We took a little trip down to the Gold Coast the past few days, as per our annual tradition. Thankfully, the weather was on our side as we were able to enjoy sunshine without getting our skins peeled off. (I did still get sunburn but only because I was stupid enough to play on the beach sleeveless, for an hour.)


No tight schedule or rushing off to places. Just proper relaxation and lots of good food.

To make the start of the holidays even better, I was able to catch my acoustic hero Passenger busking in the city this afternoon. It was less surreal than I always imagined what it’d be like hearing him in person. It was real and the lyrics rang truer than ever. Actually, it was more like a free outdoor concert than anything, literally thousands of people were in attendance.


If memory serves, 9 songs were played, just 10 metres from me without the barrier of a screen or cord.


Give me your honest opinion. I can stand it. Maybe.

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