tuile sandwiches w/ strawberry ganache

IMAG0695[1]Life doesn’t get any better than free chocolate. Add that to one of the reasons why Tuesdays are ∞ better than Mondays. It was as if the goddess of replenishment took pity on my post-gross-anatomy-prac hunger and arranged for a fateful meeting between me and the lolly buffet stand.

Recall that I wanted to make Milan cookies a few days ago, I still did but was reminded of my abysmal piping skills and was sure they would not resemble the ones I so liked and would single out of engagement biscuit tins. So I went for tuiles – they can be more freeform and use more or less the same ingredients. But I still wanted to fill them up with sinfully sweet ganache, in this case a strawberry-white chocolate combo. I can’t seem to refuse this match made in heaven, of the way the tartness of the strawberries cut through the intense sweetness of white chocolate.


I literally stuffed 10+ tuiles straight into my mouth as soon as they came out of the oven and crisped up some. How can something made only with butter, sugar, egg whites and flour taste so good!? Addictive doesn’t even cut it.


Tuiles with strawberry-white chocolate ganache

For the tuiles:
65g butter, room temperature
118g pure icing sugar, sifted
2 (80mL) egg whites, room temperature
43g plain flour, sifted
1/2 tsp almond (or any other) extract, optional

For the ganache:
130 white chocolate
34g butter
23g cream
86g strawberry puree, sieved

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Line baking trays (I use teflon-coated baking sheets which are way cheaper than Silpats and have lasted for years).

Beat the butter until creamy then add in the sugar and beat some more on mid-high speed until white in colour. While mixing on low speed, pour in the lightly whisked egg whites little by little to emulsify completely. Then add in flavouring if desired and fold in the flour either by hand or on low speed.

Fill a piping bag with a <1cm round tip with the batter and pipe out 2cm diameter rounds, at least 3cm apart as they will spread very thinly. Bake for approx. 10 minutes or until golden all the way through (not just edges). They will be quite soft and malleable straight out of the oven, so if you like you can shape them while they’re warm. Otherwise let cool to crisp up completely before lifting them out.

To make the ganache, melt the chocolate gently in warm water/over a bain marie/in the microwave and set aside. Boil together the cream and strawberry puree, then pour into the chocolate. Let the mixture sit for a minute then stir together to incorporate. While it’s still warm add in the butter (in small pieces) and stir to melt and combine. Let it come to room temperature to firm up to pipeable consistency and pipe/spoon it on half of the cookies. Sandwich similar sized pieces together and enjoy!



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